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>> why don't you mistaken the rap music. >> it's wonderful music. that's for us on "the i must say that diet is paying off. welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld, the winner of the greg gutfeld look alike contest. i will be flown to diner and a once and a lifetime chance to visit the boy in something he calls an activity pit. i can't wait. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. what's coming up on tonight's show? >> our top story, remember the convicted lockerbie bomber who was let out of prison because he was going to be dead soon? not so much with the dead soon. is barking protected speech? some say yes, but a federal judge says arf. and can an employee sue her employer for a sex-related injury she got on a work trip?
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>> thank you, andy jie. happy walk on stilts day, greg. >> i imagine walking on stilts hurts your feet. i prefer a smooth surface to walk on like pavement or flat, dry soil. >> i think you misunderstood it. possibly to cover something up. >> what would i have to cover something up? i invite to you read me at your leisure. >> sorry, i don't read pop up books. >> if i was reading your back i would mistake it for braille because it is bumpy. >> well if i were reading your face i would think it is stupid because it is stupid. >> well knowing you were reading my face i would have put on an andy levy mask. >> this round belongs to you, old pro. >> it takes a gentleman to acknowledge this. >> that's why it had to be me. >> let's welcome our guest. she is cuter than a smurf being hugged by a pony with a cape made of adorable puppies still alive. i am here with attorney and former contestant on the apprentice,
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and it is michael moynihan. and he is high on life and a bowl full of cocaine. nice lapels. and he is smart, dashing, handsome and brave. but enough about my good friend clive owen. sitting next to me was mike baker and the president of diligence and the proud makers of diligence caramel apples. when you think diligence, think caramel apples, head bands and athletic supporters. and his greatest caper, it is our "new york times" correspondent. good to see you, pinch. >> "the times" compiled a list of words readers look up most often with the dictionary function on. i believe it is part of the worldwide web this generation is so fond of. anyhoo, the words that include the list are oproprium. hey there, intern, what words did you enter in our on-line
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definer? >> pooh pooh, pee and caca. >> oh kids. back to you, greg. >> wow. >> not real proud of him. it was a special arrangement. >> better than anything frank ridge has written. >> how dare you? attack. attack! don't you dare touch him. >> his refusal to expire continues to draw ire. the lockerbie bomber should be dead, but he is making public appearances instead. on tuesday turning up in a rally in front ofal qaddafi, that's him in the wheelchair looking like helen thomas. the man convicted in the downing of pan am flight 103 that killed 270 people returned to a hero's welcome in libya after being released from a scottish jail after being diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer. he was supposed to live only a few months. as britain's foreign secretary notes, that medical advice
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was, quote, pretty worthless. in a press conference, hague added -- jill i think the appearance of al-megrahi on television screens is a further reminder that a great mistake was made. >> yeah, that's true. it is enough to make a depressed kitten in a bucket even more depressed. >> shouldn't the west go in there and take him out? >> he got two ugly birds in one stone. basically he is out there because they assumed that we gave up on it, right? >> well, yeah. i mean, first of all i think the clip that shows why
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william hague was never the prime minister of england. but there was a lot of talk when ma grough he was released. there were some scenes related to oil. there was always that byzantine concept. it was the scottish parliament that made a complete mockery of what ma grough he had been involved in. yes, they claimed and they used this crap medical evaluation of mcgraw he saying he would die they moment. would that have been the case, they would release him. of course now he is the man that won't die. apparently he found a way to beat terminal prostate cancer. i say, yes, you are right. we should conduct an operation, go in there and pull him out and cut him open, and find out what makes him tick so we can allow cancer survivors to survive. >> i don't know whether that
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is accessible or not. >> probably without anesthesia. >> should i wear a lapel for that type of thing? >> you should wear it. >> moynihan, good to have you on the show. should we be doing anything about this? mike is right. it is about the scottish parliament, and i don't even know where that is. >> did you even know there was a scottish parrel meant up until three minutes ago? >> maybe a tribute band. >> and they are surprisingly better than the original. >> well, what are we going to do about it? a guy is siting in a wheelchair who looks like vinny "the chin" with a mask under his own chin pretending he is sick. i don't think he has to pretend anymore because he is in libya. >> i would say that's the most charitable thing that he has beaten cancer. i will make the uncharitable argument that the nhs is a really bad health service. i think you can make the argument against national healthcare saying if they were like, this guy will die almost immediately.
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oh no he is fine. >> masa, he goes out in public, and are they assuming because he is old and frail he won't do anything? i feel it is a finger in our eye. am i being stupid here? >> i think qaddafi is trying to send a message. first of all, it is a slap in the face. this guy is supposed to be dead, and he is alive and well and chilling at a qaddafi parade. it insights the same feeling when's he returned to libya and he had flowers and cans and flowers and it is disgusting. nothing in libya happens on accident especially regarding the media. you have to assume that qaddafi released this footage on purpose, maybe to send a message to america like, i am powerful and i killed all of these americans and here i am and here he is, and we are just chilling. it is disturbing. >> bill, we don't hear much about the war in libya anymore. it is like that tv show "wings." it is not in sin daw location. >> it went through its cycle.
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>> it is still being filmed, right? >> no, it is not. there are no new episodes. >> they are like the ropers on "three's company." >> just seeing him reminds us we have a military operation there. >> and i guess we did need a cancerous reminder. i would like to get off topic after the slam of william hague. >> hague. how can you defend him if you can't say his name? >> he had a fervent female following. they were the hague hags. i would like to submit you to the club. as far as this guy is concerned, why didn't we interest view the cell mate? if anyone knew what was going with his prostate was his cell mate, and no one talked to him. that's just shote something or other. >> it is shote. -- shoty. >> i think we should send the same crew that got bin laden, the same crew to get this guy. he is guilty of killing
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hundreds of americans. he is no different than bin laden, but had a smaller number of people he killed. just go in and stake him out. while we are there we pick up qaddafi. why not? before we move on, i want to say congratulations to you. you and your wife had a baby. >> well, my wife had a baby. >> but i bring this up -- >> why do you bring this up? >> the baby's name is jack baker, and speaking of spies and cia stuff, there is no name better than jack baker. can i do an impression of your child? >> if i say no i don't think that will affect the outcome. >> this is an impression of jack baker at how many days? >> that would be about two and a half days. >> this is my impression of jack baker at two and a half days. >> what's up? my thaim is jack baker. >> that is unbelievable.
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>> it is like you were living at our house. >> he is like, hey, jack baker. >> i was worried baker might come on time today and see you workshoping and spoil the surprise. >> i am moving on now. from settling a score to winning the war. is al-qaeda ready to collapse? perhaps. the u.s. counter terror officials say the killing of bin laden and several years of cia drone strikes have pushed the terror group to the brink of defeat. but they caution it doesn't mean terrorism against the u.s. will stop. still, it seems the jihad is going bad. said senator chamblis, the greatest name ever, quote, there is a swagger within the community right now for a good reason. when it comes to al-qaeda, core leadership in pakistan, we have made the kind of strides that we need to make to be in a position of thinking we can win. speaking of vang wishing
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shadowy enemies. >> isn't that the metaphor for what we are talking about. terror is a shadow and we are a big, adorable dog chasing a shadow? that made no sense at all. moynihan, time for a parade? >> really? time for a parade? like we defeated al-qaeda parade with blimps and balloons and things? you have actually a bad track record with things. >> it is not over you think? >> i don't know. i was going to say something bad about the cia, but he is right there. >> i just don't put a lot of stock in them. >> thanks for turning off your phone.
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>> calling the cia. >> what is the evidence of this beyond the bin laden killing. i was going to make some jokes, but i feel bad talking about al-qaeda. >> do you still worry about terror attacks? i do and i always will. >> absolutely. we cutoff the head of the snake. and i think it is a great symbolic blow, but we all know we are not out of the water yet. al-qaeda is not one group. they have grown to be a very radical general ideology. it has inspired all of these splinter groups and inspired all of the lone wolves. we need to remain vigilant. i think we need to do the physical warfare and we need to continue the i'd logical warfare to try to -- i don't know how i will ask you. you are the expert. but we need to change the minds of the people within. >> how does decapitating reptiles have anything to do with the war? that's your problem right
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there, greg. we stop cutting the head off pigs and focus on the war in afghanistan -- >> it was a metaphor, bill. >> what is a meta for? >> for dog shadows and things. >> how many members of al-qaeda do you think are left in the world? >> seven. no, you know what, nobody really knows. the reason why this is coming out now, you heard a little bit about this. some people are talking about, well, maybe we are ahead of the curve and maybe we will win. there are several reasons why there are some people talking about this. part is political ahead of the election. part is fatigue over the whole situation and this lingering euphoria over killing bin laden. we are not putting an end to this. >> there is no such thing as wining and losing. it is like cockroaches. >> it is. >> you spray every month and they come back.
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did the idea of winning and losing this war -- you could only beat the crap out of them every day. >> we have gotten to the point we like to box everything into a simple story. for us it has been al-qaeda. as you pointed out, we are fighting muslim extremism. that occurs on many levels. unfortunately they have a bottomless well of recruits of disaffected, unemployed, irritable youth they can easily motivate and bring them in. now we have the situation in yemen and we have a variety of other concerns. >> we have somalia and homemade terrorism. you have bill shultz. >> oh, shultz. >> there is a lot of other things going on out there. >> isn't it ironic that your president, the most peaceful man on earth is responsible for killing so many terrorists? >> he did it well. and while bush is on record many times saying i "i don't care about owe -- osama, he
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made it a priority." the minute he starts talking about how he is winning the war on terror is the minute the buzz will that made me not care was mentioned. we still have to be watching for the isolated individuals. they do the big damage. i don't care what is going on over there. it is the one crazy that will go after a building after they release an ad campaign talking about how tough obama is with the war on terror. it makes me sad, greg, as does your tie. >> can i point out what bill said? bin laden was killed on obama's watch. but what got us on to the doorstep was about eight and a half years of very difficult work that took place during the previous administration to get us to the point where the team could show up. >> obama kill osama. >> that's amazing. >> point to you, sir. >> is it a reach to call
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barking free speech? a judge ruled against an ohio man seen here who was charged in april with abuse of a police dog for hissing and barking at said k-9 cop. the ruling dismisses ryan stevenson's claim that his mutt mocking was protected under the constitutional right of free speech. the 7th amendment, i believe. wrote the judge, quote, even if there was a commune kay tiff value to the defendant's barking and hissing, it is clear this ordinance is directed toward the prohibited conduct and impairment of first amendment rights is incidental. that makes no sense. the best part of the story is the fact that in the police report he says the dog, if only he knew of an effective way to muzzle man's best friend. >> wilson. wilson.
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>> it is almost as if there was a doggie off button in the bag. moynihan i assume are you a libertarian and a dog lover and a jerk. where do you stand on this incretd -- incredited plea difficult decision. >> i was on the side of the barker which i suppose is the guy and not the dog. until i heard that he told the police the dog started it. and now i want everyone to lose. but the other thing about that is the judge's incoherent ruling is they cited a previous barking at dog which is apparently some sort of epidemic. >> and the judge was like, that was a completely different case. the guy was 30 feet away. so apparently the ruling is you can't bark at dogs up close. i think it is an outrage.
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>> do you think barking is free speech? >> i don't know how to answer that question. but i will isy -- what kind of question is that? >> usually you throw a glass of water at my face. in certain types of speech you can't regulate, but this is clearly according to the court. i guess it goes under fighting words, something that is going to incite a physical retaliation. i guess the guy barks at the dog, the dog will attack him. i couldn't find the case for it. >> you are right. i find it more difficult to understand than the judge's ruling. >> no, no, no. >> you bark at the dog and it will incite a violent issue. >> freedom of speech works. if the being or creature you are talking to understands speech, the dog can't think, oh, this person is trying to annoy me. perhaps i will ignore them and do my doggie thing.
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no, they are perceiving a threat so it is not freedom of speech. he perceives an attack and so it is not a freedom of speech. is this a slippery slope story? if you can't bark in public, you will not be able to your nate against hydrants? >> talk about slippery slopes, i leave them that way. i will say that the judge is saying essentially that it is not free speech if you are not saying actual words. as the brother of a speech impediment sufferer i find that offensive and unamerican. keep using your words. >> i go to you. >> i don't have anything to say. >> coming up, tom cruise is gay-ning lots of of weight for a new role. 1k3* what does george lopez have to say about politics? there is not a single person on the planet who cares, but we will do the story anyway.
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will late night be affected if palin is elected? in what has been one of the worst threats ever comedian and late night talk show host george lopez says he will move to canada if sarah palin is elected president. he issued his ult mate tunnel -- he issued the ult may tiff. -- ult may tim. >> if sarah palin is president at any point, allegedly, i will move to canada. i will go further north. i have been south. >> you would literally leave the country? >> i will leave the united states of america. >> shocker. >> why, george, why don't you want palin to be president? >> i like my politicians to have a political background, to be politically -- to know politics, to actually have inherited something from
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working in the political world. >> okay, so you want your politicians to have inherited something from working in the political world? i don't know what that means, but sure, why not? george, how do you explain palin's appeal? is it her maverickness? is it something to do with andy griffith? maybe a culture of personality thing? >> is it that maverickness? is it that homespun kind of andy griffith, wink your eye, shoot your imaginary gun thing? maybe. is it because we have become a culture of personality? do we elect somebody because of their smile instead of their content? >> did he say culture of personality? if we are a culture of personality -- i think he meant cult of personality. he is rie. we need to look for a candidate that has content. somebody who might know the difference between culture and cult. baker, isn't the first rule of making a threat is that people have to be obsessed that if
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you go through with it -- >> it would be horrified that they may move to canada. not knowing much of george's body of work and not having studied his career i am not the best to speak of this, but i find it entertaining he said "ithink we should elect electing somebody based on something other than their smile." let's walk it back to 2008 when somehow we woke up on november 5th and we elected barack obama based on his hope and change and smile. i find it entertaining that if they are willing to suspend this belief and throw all of that on somebody like palin who at the end of the day will have no impact whatsoever on 2012, but they can't let go because for them it is the gift that keeps giving from their perspective. >> good ., i guess. -- good point i guess. >> i strung a few things together. >> you had your chance. >> i want to go -- here is what makes me laugh about this. lopez pretends this is an
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original thought. and the fact that pierce morgan acts like it is the first time he heard it when it has been an old trite, hacky thing that was said for years about every person. >> it is the oldest trick. like fan knee arbuckle, moving to the canadian territories. >> and of course nobody ever does it. i do want to point out though that that was a masterpiece of inco -- incoherence. if sarah palin, allegedly -- seriously, what are you talking about? >> you can't allege leady run -- allegedly run. >> and i will admit that i am not a big sarah palin fan, but he just made so many people vote for her -- well think they might vote for sarah palin if one of the by products is that george lopez will leave the united states. >> masa, thoughts? >> i said the exact same thing if mr. trump was going to be elected president, so i am not offended in this instance, but
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i will tell you he has called her the b-word in previous incidences, so it is surprising. >> beautiful? >> no, not that one of the the one that rhymes with witch. it is a shocking way to get people to vote for you. apparently now he wants to be the mayor of los angeles. did you know that? >> i had no idea. i should have read the whole story. you know me though. one send and i am done. that's what it is like being a successful talk show host. >> bill, here is the thing. it is not that it was unoriginal, it was an attempt to be edgy. he was trying to flash the card to get himself into the cool club. it is like, here, i am going to make a joke about palin and say something he perceives as edgy. but it is as edgy as a snowball. >> snowballs are not edgy as all. oh! i am learning this stuff. i love how mexico is not even on the table. the place where he is from -- he was like, mexico. no, i am not going there. >> mexico is very close to where he lives. >> but not happening, no way,
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no how. can you picture him in a flannel? i can't. >> he is right about the culture of personality. >> very much. >> the guy must have never heard of "in living color" or" living color." >> that was the bad television show. >> look at my hand. all right, over here people. there you go. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. it is red eye at fox news .com. and here is my impression of jack baker, and to leave a voicemail on my direct line call 212-462-5050. gaga. and still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levy. i went poopie. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by knuckle heads, the term often used to refer to those considered of less than average intelligence. thanks, knuckle head.
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welcome back. let's find out if we have anything wrong. for that we go to tv's andy levy. >> just doing last-minute notes. >> must have been important stuff. when it comes to you, you get excited. >> have you no idea what i just changed. on my blog afterwards i will put them both. >> put a line through one of the sen [stances|instances].
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-- the sentences. >> lockerbie bomber. you said a photo of al mcgraw -- al mcgraw he. that's not cool. apologize. >> see what you did there? >> the old switcher-roo. >> that's the art. >> he said we should go in there and get al mcgraw he and see how he could survive with cancer. you mean after we will him? >> well, i suspect the surgical process might do the trick. >> sort of an all in one. masa, you said he was chilling at a qaddafi parade. can you really just chill at a qaddafi parade? >> that's true. ordinarily you have to get involved. good point. greg, you compare the war in libya to the tv show "wings"
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which isn't even in sin daw location. this sunday at 3:30 a.m. eastern you can catch an episode on the so a network. >> nice plug for -- >> season two episode 9 titled "friends or lovers." >> i love that one. it is a classic. >> you know who really was the glue to that show? >> tim daily. >> no. >> thomas church. >> the one that does -- > anyone but steven webber. >> bad man, very bad man. >> i like the maternal one who was overwhelmed by the craziness. >> and wasn't there a bald guy with a mustache? >> i guess i could have said anything there. jay isal -- >> is al-qaeda on the wings of collapse?
12:35 am
greg said is it time for a parade. and you said parade? with blimps? what kind of parades are you into? >> i used to go to german parades. i meant blimps. >> during the blitz. >> i am hungry for a blitz right now. >> masa, you said we need to remain vigilant. you are not sure what we need to do and you need to talk to experts like baker. when baker was in the cia it was called the oss, right? >> really? he looks good. >> did you hear that, andy? >> his advice for everything is let's ask the nazi scientists we brought over. >> they are providing us with serious info. >> i'm sure they r. >> operational intelligence. >> serious question. i think i sort of figured this out. when the government needs good pr, it tells us how successful we have been at fighting our enemies. when they want more power or
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money, they have to tell us how dangerous our enemies still are. >> the old dipsie do. >> this is why we have you on the show, mike. you learn things like this. >> that inspires a lot of confidence. >> this is why by the way we didn't capture bin laden when mike was asked to. >> he was living with bin laden. >> on behalf -- mike on behalf of a grateful nation, i would like to thank you for retiring. >> i could be really insulted right now. >> isn't it ironic? >> that is true, my friend.
12:37 am
judge rules barking is not protected speech. it dismisses the claim his mutt knocking was protected. and then you added the seventh amendment, i believe. in fact, the 7th amendment deals with a right to a trial by jury. and it prohibits rosie o'donnell from being naked in public. >> i should be reading this more closely. >> say what you want about our founding fathers. they had incredible fore sight. it was one of the most specific amendments we got, actually. >> and there wasn't even a rosie o'donnell alive. >> it is called foresight. they were great men and women. >> don't forget the 17 women who signed the declaration of independence. >> i think betsy ross wrote that amendment. >> abigail adams had to sleep with him. >> betsy ross sewed it into the constitution. moynihan, you said you were originally on the side of the barker. you say it is okay to bark
12:38 am
loudly in a crowded kennel? >> yes, of course. you call yourself a libertarian? >> no, i agree that he had every right to bark at the dog. i also wish that the police officer had accidentally let the dog out of the car. >> that's what i said. i don't know whose side i am really on, if i want him to be mauled. >> greg, you seem shocked he said something hackee. that was funny. moynihan, you said lopez is making people think they will vote for palin. since she said that, she is up 78 points. >> do you have those numbers? >> they are just in. >> are you sure it is on not a quinipack. >> by the way, lopez's new movie opens on friday. currently he has a zero percent rating at rotten
12:39 am
tomatoes. >> which smurf is he? >> not funny smurf. >> unintel liegeable smurf. as jack baker would say to you, great job, andy. go poop. coming up, what is it like to be hounded by old, ugly men trying to get you into the sack? mike baker discusses his new book, look, man. what's up with hef? not much, sadly.
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should they pay her back for a mishap in the sack? well an australian woman, yes, they have them there is seeking compensation for an injury she sustained while having sex on a work trip. the unnamed government worker claims she suffered multiple facial injuries and subsequent psychiatric problems after a light fell on her during a motel romp in 2007.
12:43 am
however a workplace safety agency says the sex act was not an ordinary incident like showering or sleeping or eating or crying in your pillow. so did she deserve cash for the accidental crash? let's discuss this in our -- >> lightning roooouund. lightning round. >> i like how he says it twice. masa, you claim to know the law. does she have a shadow winning this case? >> if she does not win this case, then there would be a tremendous injustice. if they are not going to cover this sort of accident, then i don't know. >> really? >> it would be horrible. >> it would be horrible? >> sounds lib someone has been there, greg. >> it comes from a dark place in her soul, i guess. >> baker, shouldn't sex in your hotel room be considered standard activity because are you on the road and that's part of being on the road. >> sex in my hotel room? >> i just mean it as a general thing.
12:44 am
>> we call it lightning round. >> i vote no. >> why? >> you told me to make the decision quickly. >> but back up for some explanation. >> why should we or the australian taxpayers to pay for the fact she planned to do the rumpty-dumpty there -- >> that's not a phrase. >> and then got knocked upside the head during coagulatn. >> jack baker would be so proud. he is wondering how he came into the world with your knowledge of sexuality. moynihan, i don't believe she was lying about this because she wouldn't have said she was having sex. if are you going to lie, couldn't she say it happened while she was asleep? >> as someone who often gets hit in the face with lamps while having sex, it is a case close to my heart. i don't understand what
12:45 am
happened though. this is not explained in the story. >> exactly. >> did something fall on her? was it because of the movement? did somebody smash her with it? >> i don't know. why does it have to be a variable in the lawsuit? there has to be a third party or fourth party or ghost. >> let's look at what the words of the statement. you can only be doing ordinary activities. who ever was with this lovely young lady, we will call her she law, there was nothing ordinary about what was going on. five weeks later i couldn't walk straight. it was unbelievable. call me sheila. >> unnecessary. >> on tuesday you have a run away bride. it is crystal harris. she told howard stern that she and hef had sex once and it lasted like, quote, two seconds. hef fired back via twitter --
12:46 am
he doesn't fire back on anything. he wrote "crystal lied about our relationship on howard stern but i don't know why. maybe a new boyfriend." masa who do you believe, the girl or the wrinkly thing in the robe? >> i don't even believe he tweeted something. i think he is a little too old to tweet. i guess i believe the girl, but i think she is really -- it is a mean thing to do. i feel sorry for hef. every time i see these girls on the show turn against him. >> that's the only way -- boy he does look bad. >> that's the captain from captain and taniel. >> he is a stunt double. >> do you agree with hef? she has a new boyfriend and is lying. >> i always agree with hef. the average age according to research polling institute, the average age of tweeters are 52, 53.
12:47 am
but i agree with hef. >> toldly made that up, mike. >> i agree with hef. >> basically since you had the kid you don't care about the show. you have to make a decision. >> can i bring jack on the show? >> do you think hef even cares? he ?apz his finger and he gets another blonde. >> in that story -- i keep calling it like a news story. he has like two new girlfriends. he said he had two any girlfriends. the dude is like 85 and lasts two seconds. >> she said that all they do is cuddle as if he has a choice. >> actually he has a good point. the correct tweet that heff should have said, see, i told you i had sex. he should have been over joyed
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she admitted to anything happening and not just changing machines. >> on that note we shall leave. it is time for another break. remember to check out the red eye pod cast. there is a new one every day. go to fox news radio .com and click on "red eye." tonight we talked about my adventures with ambien.
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it has been awhile since i heard that lovely sound. yeah, i broke wind and the phone. time for messages for greg. feature your eye on a goosl ny g falling asleep as we bathe your ears with warm words. >> i can't believe you take away the half time sponsors, but you still have that [bleep] pinch whatever his name is. really? you get rid of the best part of the showed and keep the worst part. and besides that, you still have bill? really? >> the show comes on at like 2:00 in the morning, what the hell? >> you know, i agree most of the time when andy levy says
12:53 am
something. but in this case tell him to stop being an idiot when he says he agrees with shultz and most of the time he babbles like an idiot. >> greg, my friend and my cousin thinks you are not funny. i think you are funny, greg. now who is not funny on your show? bill. >> forget the message i left earlier cussing you out about not having the half time sponsor. it is back. thanks. >> greg, great show tonight. the next time you have lauren in the legs chair, will you please make bill wear something to cover up those nasty feet of his? it really obscures actually takes away the affect of the leg chair and they are not
12:54 am
television ready. >> that sounded like jack baker. >> the first thing he did was call up and say this thing sucks. >> he picked up the phone and called the show. >> that was fun. >> before we go to break, i want to remind everybody that later today, pretending that this is actually thursday i am going to be on luis ek. be sure to watch that and call our direct line, 212-462-5050. leave a direct line. leave a message. what am i doing? let's just go to break. let's go back to the post game wrap up. to see clips of recent shows go to fox news .com.
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see you back here at 5:00 p.m. eastern time for "the
12:58 am
five." return appearances from imus in the morning. anne coultre, what a show. >> back to andy levy for our post game wrap up. where can people catch luis? >> it is actually on the fx network, our sister network. it is on at 10:30 eastern time. i play myself, andy. >> and i do a fairly convincing job. >> and luis plays himself on "red eye" and i interview him. it is delightful. >> i am going to talk to the guests now. >> sure, but i know what you will ask them. >> will you be watching luis tomorrow night with greg gutfeld? >> i am very much looking forward to it. and this saturday i will be watching the mma fights, strike force, henderson versus evalianko. tweet me. >> that's kind of hot.
12:59 am
>> moynihan, why is belfast the worst city on earth? >> this is the bit where i plug something. yes, i was just in belfast which is -- the good people in belfast, not the worst city on earth. but something is coming up about me in belfast throwing molotov cocktails to policemen. they are called petrol bombs and everyone is wearing track suits. >> excellent. i want to point out that michael moynihan asked me to ask him why is belfast the worst city. >> you totally ad-lided that. mike how was your weekend? >> my weekend was busy as we all know. jack baker arrived on sunday evening. >> i will be sitting in front of the television tomorrow nightwatching greg's appearance on luis ck. >> did he arrive in time to diffuse the bomb? >> he arrived just in time to catch greg's appearance on lu
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